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We (Roy & Mary Kendall) are an ordained pastor and a CPT (Certified Physical Trainer). Roy is also a worship leader and a CMT (Certified Massage Tharapist).

Imagine coming to our worship center in Atlanta or Jerusalem for a "date with God." During part of this time we will focus on intimate worship together asking Him to speak to us individually and intimately what HE wants to show us about ourselves. At other times we will pray specifically with you for the Lord to "reveal and heal" wounds from the past that may still hinder you today.

And yet at other times we will take you to a gym and help you determine a good physical routine personalized for you and you alone. We will prepare healthy meals together as Mary teaches more about nutrition for different body types.

This is an experience and information that we want you to "retain and maintain."

Current Programs Include (Click For More Info):

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