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"It was our extreme pleasure to be at the School of Worship home in Jerusalem with Roy and Mary Kendall in the fall of 2010. The tremendous opportunity offered to our two groups of study-abroad students from Southeastern University will long be remembered as a time of  real refreshing and genuine experiencing of the presence of the LORD. It was great to get to know this wonderful couple and to see firsthand their passion and willingness to pour into the lives of others in such a powerful, practical, and life-changing way. Thanks, Roy and Mary, for your true heart after God and his people!"

Sam and Rita Hemby
Southeastern University
Lakeland, Florida

"By participating in the Kendalls’ Spirit, Soul and Body Worship Experience, I have discovered a whole new that will keep on working for me so I will be  healthy and strong to do all the Lord has placed in my heart. This experience restored my hope that I can be active and healthy and gave me the tools to do it. I had been in a car accident and sustained long term injuries. My personal trainer, Mary, worked with me in a sensitive, yet effective way to help me heal and get to a new level of fitness. I learned a whole new way of eating and cooking that my family will also enjoy while I am getting healthy. My body is becoming more aligned and flexible as I work out each day. I have started to lose weight and get toned up after just 10 days and my motivation is soaring. As we put the new principles into action we went all about Israel praising and seeking God.  We climbed Masada in the desert and biked in the Galilee and so much more.  We all worshipped together and let the Lord touch us and heal our souls as well as our bodies. This has been a life changing time for me." 


Rebirth Of A Nation Tour

"It was a wonderful trip! I loved the way the history evolved and gave me a great sense of the Jewish people. Masada was a favorite place and the trip to the Galilee. Meeting all of the people can never be left out as their stories were what we need to hear." -Ada

"I could have stayed all day on the Jesus Boat. I loved the Palmach Museum, the Ayalon Institute, the Atlit Immigration Prison, Aunt Dvora and the City of David."  -Cheryl

"My favorite part of the tour was the Galilee Jesus Boat and all of the wonderful people who told us their stories!"  -Janet

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